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Exo-s is a fully integrated supplier of global engineered injection & blow molded thermoplastic systems for the Automotive & Specialty markets.

Within Automotive, Exo-s focuses in under-the-hood engineered plastic and foam systems: NVH Engine Covers, Coolant Reservoirs, Surge Tanks, HVAC Ducts, Running Boards and Windshield Washer Systems.

Within Specialty Products, our focus is in Agricultural, Lawn & Turf, Construction & Forestry, White Goods, Toy products, Power Sports and the RV industry.

Exo-s prides itself on its ability to support customer requirements for innovation, technology, light weight, design and engineering.

Our history

Experience 40 years and counting

Exo-s was established in 2012 from a desire to foster the growth of the Polymer Solutions division from Camoplast Solideal. It is owned by Exo-s’ management team and CRCD, an investment fund managed by Desjardins Venture Capital.

Our values

  • Fun factor

    I love working at Exo-s as I am in a safe environment and laughter is part of my day.

  • Entrepreneur

    I take my responsibilities and make the best choices for Exo-s as if it was my own business; I work as if I was the President!

  • Balance

    I look for harmony in all spheres that make up my environment; work, personal life, markets customers, etc...

  • Teamwork

    Common objectives prevail, working in partnership is how I achieve them.

  • Trustworthy

    It's by being open and honest that I excel in my work.