Industrial and consumer goods

Recreational & Utilities products

Exo-s is a supplier of performance snowmobile skis. Created to improve handling, this aggressive keel improves┬ásteering┬ácontrol at all speeds. The skis are light weight, durable and extremely resistant to breakage. These skis are 10% – 40% lighter than compression manufactured skis.


  • AG Door

  • Overmolded wheels

  • Cargo box

  • Body dressing

  • Fuel tank

Ag & Industrial products

Exo-s is a blow molder of large parts for diverse customers in the agricultural and industral fields.

Toy Products

Exo-s manufactures luxury toy products in blow molding. Our ability to work with intricate hand built Italian molds has made us the largest blow molded supplier and built a 20 year relationship with our customers.


  • Toy seat

Other Specialty Products

Exo-s makes drain tubes and conduit tubing for the White Goods market. These applications were developed as solutions to the flexibility issues that arose with extruded tubing.