Lean Manufacturing training in Atlanta, “an amazing experience”!

Thane Typer, Exo-s Corporate Lean Deployment & Production Manager organized a Lean training for all Plant Managers and its dedicated champion last week in Atlanta (with 6 Sigma US Corporation).

Language classes at Exo-s

We are proud to contribute to our employees development by offering language classes (French, English and Spanish).

Global-Watch.com, are you familiar?

Attracting the workforce is an Olympian discipline these days, so let's take the time to look after our employees so they can grow within our company.

A look at tomorrow's SUVs

Imagine an autonomous all-electric SUV going to your home, ready to be driven. This is what Rivian, the newest electric vehicle company, will offer, distinguishing itself with its petrol and diesel-free off-road vehicle design. In addition to innovating o

Automotive Meeting Querétaro : great contacts for Exo-s!

From February 19 to 21, the Exo-s team was at the Automotive Meetings, an international forum dedicated to the automotive manufacturing sector in Quérétaro, Mexico.

Lunch & learn!

Recently, the staff in Sherbrooke was invited to participate to a “lunch and learn” on kinesiology. Kinesiology aims to find the body physical, mental and emotional balance exactly in line with our values!