, are you familiar?

Attracting the workforce is an Olympian discipline these days, so let's take the time to look after our employees so they can grow within our company.

A look at tomorrow's SUVs

Imagine an autonomous all-electric SUV going to your home, ready to be driven. This is what Rivian, the newest electric vehicle company, will offer, distinguishing itself with its petrol and diesel-free off-road vehicle design. In addition to innovating o

Automotive Meeting Querétaro : great contacts for Exo-s!

From February 19 to 21, the Exo-s team was at the Automotive Meetings, an international forum dedicated to the automotive manufacturing sector in Quérétaro, Mexico.

Lunch & learn!

Recently, the staff in Sherbrooke was invited to participate to a “lunch and learn” on kinesiology. Kinesiology aims to find the body physical, mental and emotional balance exactly in line with our values!

Exo-s jumps on the bandwagon!

In support of Mexico's booming automotive sector, the mold making industry is just as much! Our company is very proud to be able to help meet the growing demand and participate in the economic growth of the sector! Read the article

Work hard, play hard!

At Exo-s, continuous improvement is not only for processes, it’s also for personal development.