Automotive Meeting Querétaro : great contacts for Exo-s!

From February 19 to 21, the Exo-s team was at the Automotive Meetings, an international forum dedicated to the automotive manufacturing sector in Quérétaro, Mexico.

Lunch & learn!

Recently, the staff in Sherbrooke was invited to participate to a “lunch and learn” on kinesiology. Kinesiology aims to find the body physical, mental and emotional balance exactly in line with our values!

Exo-s jumps on the bandwagon!

In support of Mexico's booming automotive sector, the mold making industry is just as much! Our company is very proud to be able to help meet the growing demand and participate in the economic growth of the sector! Read the article

Work hard, play hard!

At Exo-s, continuous improvement is not only for processes, it’s also for personal development.

Exo-s will be there!

Exo-s will be there! Same as every beginning of the year, the cities of Detroit and Montreal will hold their respective auto shows in the second half of January.

Exo-s brings its tooling expertise to World Emblem to enhance its production process!

Over the years, Exo-s has developed a tool fabrication expertise to ensure production of its own parts. Wanting to export this expertise outside its walls, Exo-s has collaborated with World Emblem to develop an important piece of