Happy 6th birthday Exo-s!

Happy 6th birthday Exo-s!

September 1st 2012 Exo-s was born! Looking back on this 6th anniversary, what should we be proud of? 

  • Our revenues more than doubled;
  • Our number of employees as well;
  • We added some plants and expanded the others;
  • We added new equipment to each of them;
  • New customers were added to our portfolio and we consolidated our position with our current customers;
  • We have received awards from our customers that highlight the quality of our products.

Above all, we have put our values into practice, regardless of our roles and responsibilities: a sense of entrepreneurship, a trustworthy commitment, the fun of working as a team, all in a spirit of balance. 


Happy birthday Exo-s!

 Many thanks to all our employees for your dedication.