November 30 and December 1st, Exo-s was in Paris at the

November 30 and December 1st, Exo-s was in Paris at the "Journées Québec" job fair to meet interesting candidates!

Véronic Deslauriers, Human Resources Manager and Michel Dufort, Maintenance Supervisor, at the Richmond Plant were our proud representatives. 

A flagship international recruitment event in Europe since 2008, "Journées Québec" brings together more than 100 Québec companies looking for skilled and experienced workers. The last edition generated 16,708 applications and more than 4,500 interviews were conducted by the 115 employers present, four of whom came from Eastern Townships. 

Employers from all over Quebec were looking for a wide variety of profiles. From specialized engineers to blue-collar workers, we all came out of this activity fulfilled with new resources. 

For this first international recruitment experience, Exo-s wanted to meet electromechanics willing to make a career in Richmond, Quebec. "We met excellent candidates who were qualified, captivating and interested in working with us," says Dufort. 

"Inspiring encounters that allowed us to explore another universe; the talent was worth the trip! ", says enthusiastically Ms. Deslauriers. 

When will the next mission be? 

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