Management Forum : reviewing best business practices

Management Forum : reviewing best business practices

The week of November 5th, the second edition of the "Management Forum" was hosted by the San Juan del Rio team. Three times a year, Exo-s convenes its executive committee, plant managers and special guests to promote the sharing of best business practices. 

"We are imposing this break on our managers to encourage them to step back and reflect on our strategic alignment, in addition to highlighting our teamwork value," explains Emmanuel Duchesne, Exo-s President and Chief Executive Officer. 

team photo management forum

Quality was in the spotlight at this recent summit; the heads of quality departments at our various sites, in addition to our corporate quality manager, contributed to its success. 

These three days of meetings ended in a crazy exchange where everyone shared what they had learned about a colleague and since the list was long and funny, laughter punctuated the end of this intense working session.

Thank you to the participants and thank you to our hosts!