Language classes at Exo-s

Language classes at Exo-s

« In addition to giving me confidence, I feel that my supervisor believes in me and in my future at Exo-s by offering me French courses. », said Katherine Sicacha-Velez who arrived in Québec, Canada, a year ago from Colombia. 

We are proud to contribute to our employees development by offering language classes (French, English and Spanish). In addition to improving our inter-facility exchanges, language courses are designed to facilitate communication with our customers and suppliers.

CANADA: Since we confer great importance to our French language and wish to participate actively in the integration of our newly arrived employees in Quebec, French courses are offered.

MEXICO: 14 employees, from different departments, are following 6 hours of English courses each week!

« We are confident that this investment will make our company even more agile. Our most important resource is, without any doubt, our employees! » assure Daphné St-Louis, HR Vice-President.