Exo-s celebrates its 9th anniversary on September 1, 2021 !

Exo-s celebrates its 9th anniversary on September 1, 2021 !

On the eve of our first decade, we have always prided ourselves on being a young organization with a long history dating back to 1968 when Bombardier established our first factory.

Sometimes you must take the time to stop to better contemplate what we have been able to build in recent years. When we founded Exo-s, our ambition was to accelerate the growth of this great organization. I am proud to say that despite the ups and downs, we have not only been able to achieve this goal, but we have done so by creating value for our customers, our shareholders and above all our 850 employees in 3 countries: thanks to our focus on the design, engineering, and manufacture of functional plastic parts.

Our lives are in turmoil right now (no, it's not just COVID-19 that's rocking us!), But we can be the makers of great, positive, and lasting change.

Electric cars are arriving in greater numbers, additive manufacturing is opening other markets for us, automation is improving the tasks of our employees, concern for the environment is a priority for everyone, in short, manufacturing companies are no longer what they were.

Happy birthday to Exo-s and to all its employees who without them… well, wouldn't be here!